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Patient Responsibilities

Patients Duties:

You are obliged during your stay at the hospital comply with the following responsibilities:

1 – Take care of the hospital assets.

2 – Strictly obey hospital rules and regulations.

3 – Abiding by patient visit regulation in admission dept’ ICU & Nursery.

4 – Smoking is totally prohibited inside hospital premises.

5 – Don’t accompany children during visits for the sake of their health.

6 – During visits make sure not to disturb other patients and their relatives.

7 – Be patient in making inquiries to the hospital staff.

8 – If you are not satisfied, annoyed or found any negative remark in the hospital, you should report it either verbally or written and drop it in the suggestion box in your area.

9 – Be sure you are present in the hospital on the appointed day and time for the provision of your services.

10 – The patient should sign any consent that reserves the hospital right.

11 – The patient should not leave his room in admission dept without the Doctor’s approval.

12 – To inquire about any hospital service kindly contact(072292222). Ext:-

• (229) Patient Relation (Inquiring about hospital different service).

• (240,241,242) Booking Office (to make or change appointments).

• (559) Admission Office(Inquiring about admitted patients).

• (537) Birth & Detah Certificates’ Office.